A VivaPalazzo Ltd. was established in 1993 as a Hungarian-owned construction company. Following its transformation into VivaPalazzo Ltd., it became one of the leading high-rise construction companies in the Southern Transdanubian region. The company’s success has been consistently stable over the years, with its net sales revenue steadily increasing. In 2020, despite the COVID crisis, it exceeded 2.2 billion Hungarian forints. Thus, VivaPalazzo Ltd. can be considered a dynamically developing participant in the Hungarian construction sector. The company’s contractual base ensured that it was less affected by the negative effects of the pandemic on the construction industry in 2021. Despite the crisis, no employees have been laid off so far, and the projected revenue for this year remains profitable. The company’s further development requires both the improvement and expansion of its office infrastructure and the expansion and modernization of its service equipment park to support construction activities both in terms of volume and quality (efficiency).

With the project titled “Development of VivaPalazzo’s technological equipment” under the GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.1-21-2021-03361 code (Support for the adaptation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to modern business and production challenges), VivaPalazzo Zrt. has been awarded a conditional non-refundable grant of 159,142,025 Hungarian forints for the implementation of its eligible investment with a net cost of 227,345,750 Hungarian forints. The project will be implemented between October 1, 2021, and September 30, 2023, at the company’s registered premises located at 7623 Pécs, Megyeri út 61, lot number 19192/28.

The following improvements have been implemented with the grant, which is also a short presentation of the project:

Construction machinery:

– 1 Caterpillar 432 trencher-loader

– 1 Pcs Caterpillar M314 rubber wheel excavator

– 1 Geda 1500 Z/ZP

– 1 Manitu MRT 3570 working machine

Renewable energy:

– 1 Gree Versati heat pump

Computer tools:

– 3 Intel i9 configurations

– 3 Intel i7 configurations

– 2 Dell Vostro notebook configuration

– 2 Dell G5 notebook configuration

– 1 Network storage configuration

– 1 Epson WF multifunction office machine

The installation of a GREE Versati II+Economy Plus heat pump system to modernise the primary heating of the site, thereby using renewable energy sources to reduce the annual overall maintenance costs of the site.

Training and advice on demand:

– 1 person for excel training.

– Marketing consultancy – Profession-specific consultancy related to branding and image building