General contractor:

VivaPalazzo Ltd.

Chief engineer for construction:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO

Constructing Napóra Residential Park in Siófok

Construction of a multi-family residential building 2018.12.08.

2018. In December we completed the construction of a multi-family residential building in Siófok, 300 metres from Lake Balaton. Due to the site conditions, the three-storey building was constructed with a pile and reinforced concrete slab foundation and a pillar frame structure. Once the apartments were ready, the prospective owners were able to personalise them, choosing the type of quality finishes and sanitary ware. You can ask for different accessories and security devices to create a safe and secure home. There are 17 apartments in total, with 17 parking spaces in the courtyard, 15 storage spaces, 3 winter gardens and a sun terrace on the 3rd floor. connected to the apartments on the first floor. The different levels are connected vertically by a staircase and a lift in the stairwell, making the building accessible.

Main quantities:

  • 203p windows and doors
  • 807m3 concrete
  • 2128m2 masonry
  • 3328m2 paving
  • 5076m2 plastering