Chief engineer for construction:

VivaPalazzo Zrt.

General contractor:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO

Energy modernisation of Kapuvár Térségi Primary School

A modern drainage solution was needed around the locally listed building. The previously existing plaster had to be removed from the masonry as soon as possible, and in the damaged areas the plaster had to be completely removed up to the brick surface, and even the joints had to be scraped out. The existing facade was then rendered with thermal insulation plaster after the partial removal of the plaster. At the same time, rock wool insulation was laid on the end slab. Achieving a higher energy class required the installation of completely new wooden windows. The entrance doors of the building complex that were not replaced had to be repaired and repainted partly on site and partly (wings) by transporting them to a workshop. To heat the building, a new 2. one VIESSMANN VITODENS 200 W natural gas fired heating boiler with a capacity of 80 kW was installed in the boiler room on the first floor. Last but not least, a solar panel system was installed, with a DC side fork power of 30kVA.

Main technical data (description of work parts, quantities, values):

Preparation of thermal insulation plaster: 1888 m2

Wall drying plaster: 302 m2

Replacement-renovation of windows and doors: 139 units

Roof insulation: 940 m2

Waterproofing: 28,47 m2

Façade insulation: 56,94 m2

Condensing wall mounted gas boiler installation complete: 1 unit Rated power: 80 kW

Solar PV system capacity: 30kWp

Design of a solar system with 2 15 kVA inverters

Construction of external soil moisture barrier using borehole injection method 142 ker m2

Preparation of secondary soil moisture barrier with SikaMur InjektoCream 100 amyag using a hand-held putty gun 14 ker. m2

Installation of Reversion® wall drying and insulation system 60 fkm2