General contractor:

VivaPalazzo Zrt.

Chief engineer for construction:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO

The rectangular pool hall was built completely independently of the existing building, based in part on the pool bodies of the previous pool hall, supported on reinforced concrete columns and frames, and covered with aligned, curved, arched glued timber beams running over the existing building, connecting the new and existing parts of the building. On the reinforced concrete pillars, a dilated monolithic reinforced concrete gallery and staircase were added from the existing building.
The existing III. sz. within the contour of the pool (using it as a mounting substrate and shutter), a split-partitioned adventure and fishing pool with a partition wall, and an outdoor adventure pool connected to the indoor hall by a sliding channel. The adventure and adventure pool is served by a prominent engine room, which also serves as a covered terrace for relaxation.

É1 adventure pool is designed mainly for younger age groups and more adventurous adults. A whirlpool, drifting water, bubbling water features, splashing water features, a tube slide, a family slide and, for the really adventurous, a climbing wall with a bouncy pool section, have been built using the special water engineering section.
Pool É2 is aimed at the older age group and those who want to relax. There are hot tub benches, neck showers, hot tub loungers, whirlpools and hydromassage cabanas, as well as more enclosed, gallery-covered pool areas.
External adventure pool E3 is the external part of the existing pool, accessed via a sliding channel. In addition to reclining hot tub benches, neck showers and side massage jets, there is also a swim lane for bathers.
Building floor area: 1000 m2

Total water surface: 766,09 m2
É1 adventure pool (water surface 254,59 m2, water level +0,40 m, water depth 95 cm, 120 cm, 320 cm)
A2 adventure pool (water surface 161,86 m2, water level +0,40 m, water depth 95 cm, 120 cm)
É3 outdoor adventure pool (water surface 349,64 m2, water level +0,40 m, water depth 90 cm, 120 cm)