General contractor:

VivaPalazzo Zrt.

Chief engineer for construction:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO

Energy upgrade of the Nagy Lajos Cistercian High School

Pécs, Széchenyi tér 11. hrsz.18370. The energy upgrading of the high school wing of the Lajos Nagy Gymnasium and College of the Cistercian Order of the Order of St. John the Great, the planned work mainly concerned the parts built in 1935, its windows and facades. The building’s owner wanted to preserve the building’s overall condition, reduce its energy consumption and create a thermal comfort level that was close to today’s standards. The design programme included upgrading the boundary structures and installing solar panels on the roof surfaces. Thermal insulation was also applied to the flat roof, the attic slab and the facade facing the courtyard. New PVC waterproofing on the flat roof. On the street façade, the artificial stone plinth was cleaned and a 1 metre band above it had to be covered with a dry plaster in accordance with the WTA system. The previous layers of paint had to be removed from the entire surface of the façade and then given a smooth finish similar to the previously renovated Széchenyi Square façade. In the Janus Pannonius Street part, at the request of the client, the outer wing of the existing coupled transom windows was removed and replaced by a new window, which had to be designed in the same pitch as the existing windows. On the other façades, new modern wooden windows have been installed, with 3 layers of glazing depending on the energy calculations. Finally, the ventilation grilles, window grilles, protective tubes and flagpole on the façade were renovated.

Main quantities:

  • 215 wooden structural windows replacement
  • Thermal insulation of 715m2 attic slab
  • Thermal and water insulation of 985m2 flat roof
  • 1374m2 of façade insulation