General contractor:

VivaPalazzo Zrt.

Chief engineer for construction:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO



Construction work related to the project “Reconstruction of Harkány, Zsigmondy Promenade and the Park of the Guardian and the addition of new functions”, within the framework of the project TOP-2.1.2-15-BA1-2016-00004 “A more livable future – Harkány Green City”.

The investment will improve the quality of the existing functions of the area and integrate new functions.
The promenade is located between Kossuth Lajos Street and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street. From here you can also get to the southern entrance of the Strandbad and the Spa Hospital. At the western entrance section of the footpath, a paved resting grove has been created, which not only has an aesthetic function, but also provides shade, with benches under the shade. Electric car charging is also available in the parking zone.

In the area between the stage and the sculpture fountain, a new drinking pavilion was installed, reconstructed from period photographs. In the area in front of the stage there are stalls with similar stylistic features.

On the eastern side of the promenade, a two-element fountain consisting of a three-tiered cascade and twelve nozzle fountain elements has been created, which are directly accessible to pedestrians as the water features are connected to the plane of the connecting pavements.

The Ancestral Park is located to the south of the footpath, and during its reconstruction it was important to create a usable environment and living space for locals, people who wish to heal and of course for all visitors. A unique playground experience has been created in the Ancient Park, which has become a popular tourist destination for visitors to the region.

Total area concerned: 46.615 m2
Total paving: 12.590 m2.
Total green area 32.100 m2.