General contractor:

VivaPalazzo Zrt.

Chief engineer for construction:

Gábor Kis-Simon Deputy CEO

“Construction works of Harkány Outer Children’s World pools” 2021-22

After the reconstruction of the Harka Water World, the outdoor Children’s World pool group was completed. This composition of four pools is functionally linked to the pool hall. They are separated from the beach area by a fence and are accessed from the beach garden through gates outside the project. The outdoor pool complex forms a single unit with the indoor pools, and during the summer months the bathing complex opens up to the outdoor pools and their gardens. The pool edges rise out of the concrete slab, their different heights adding a playful touch to the overall appearance. And the colourful yet harmonious interior is designed with German-quality swimming pool ceramics, crowned by a variety of spectacular certified branded experience elements.
Children’s pool K1: A larger sized children’s and paddling pool is connected to the inner children’s pool previously built in the corner bastion, with a partially sloping bottom for the enjoyment of both young and old. This pool houses the largest Polin-type feature, the Aqua Tower, a highly complex play structure. In addition, a medium and small slide, a rotating shower and a friendly water snake rest on the shore add colour to the blue pool.
K2 beach pool: designed for the junior age group, with a waterfall and giant water mushrooms. There is also a water lily ropes course for the braver youngsters. This is the deepest children’s pool in the cluster.
Children’s pool K3: The centrepiece pool, incorporating a five-piece aqua tunnel and bucket feature.
K4 children’s pool: the highest pool, built on top of the engine room that operates them and on the same level as the II. with relaxation terrace of the bathing building. The two objects are connected by a bridge element. There is a mini slide and three water cannons for the adventurous.

Total water surface: 558,74 m2
K1 children’s pool (water surface 246,85 m2, water level -0,10 m, water depth 35cm and 50 cm)
K2 strandmedence (vízfelület 169,42 m2, vízszint +0,40 m, vízmélység 100 cm)
K3 children’s pool (water surface 59,90 m2, water level +1,00 m, water depth 55 cm)
K4 children’s pool (water surface 82,57 m2, water level +2,50 m, water depth 55 cm)